26 marca 2019r.

Pogoda dziś (2019-03-26)
temp. min.: 1°
temp. maks.: 8

Pogoda jutro (2019-03-27)
temp. min.: 2°
temp. maks.: 9

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przewozy do niemiec
Busy Wąsowski
20-07-2013, 12:49:33
Firma Wąsowski oferuje przewozy do Niemiec. Przejazdy są doskonałym rozwiązaniem dla osób wyjeżdżających w interesach, do pracy lub do rodziny mieszkającej za Odrą. Każdego pasażera dowozimy pod wskazany adres. Oferujemy wynajem samochodów 9 osobowych wraz z kierowcą. Grupy zorganizowane zawieziemy w każdy zakątek Niemiec w dowolnym terminie. Oferujemy przewozy do Niemiec także z województwa lubelskiego, wyjeżdżamy z miejscowości Parczew. Samochody Mercedes Sprinter, Vito z pakietem Mobility Go. Pakiet ubezpieczeń podróżujących, Wysoki komfort podróży, Doświadczenie i profesjonalizm kierowców.

Zapraszamy do skorzystania z naszej oferty, przewozy oraz transport do niemiec, więcej informacji na stronie www.busywasowski.pl lub pod adresem mailowym biuro@busywasowski.pl
20-09-2013, 22:46:15
8-10 hours at room temp. sometimes i pump a ltitle at a time through the day and i'll leave it on the counter, never had a problem. i only go 48 hrs in the fridge just for my own piece of mind, but i know it can be longer. but at 48 hrs i freeze it and that's good for up to 6-8 months.but always keep it at the back of your fridge or freezer, not the door. not sure why, but i read it somewhere. Was this answer helpful?
21-09-2013, 21:22:21
Hello everyone, The roetrps were much better today! =D gotta love it when people see action!! The best color reported today was blue/glow and gold. Most guys are using 1/2 oz jigs. Best bait was rainbows and crawlers. Just got a truck load in and another expected tomorrow. I have jumbo & lg rainbows, jumbo,lg & med fats, wally suckers, lg and x-lg tip-up suckers, jumbo crawlers, fz shiners and ciscoes. I'm expecting more live golden shiners on the next truck. Prices by the scoop,dz 1/2 qt and full quart available. My official hours are 6 am to 10 pm. Otherwise ring the doorbell any time for bait. I love customers!! =D I'm located on hwy 11 about 3/4 a mile west from junction 72. (*west* 7 miles from Clementson Resort , 16 from frontier and 32 from Birchdale *east* 1 mile from Baudette) Fingers, legs and arms are crossed!! LoL Thank you Gail and Art for your amazing updates and pictures!! Best of Luck everyone! Billie (aka) miss Lucky
22-09-2013, 02:29:03
发现一个更快(非常快)的版本:Python语言: def primes(n): ""” ruertns a list of prime numbers from 2 to < n “”" if n < 2: return [] if n == 2: return [2] # do only odd numbers starting at 3 s = range(3, n, 2) # n**0.5 may be slightly faster than math.sqrt(n) mroot = n ** 0.5 half = len(s) i = 0 m = 3 while m
23-09-2013, 06:19:38
Jason Faulkner / February 18, 2008Robert, thanks for poitinng that out. When I checked what my script is, there were no quotes so I'm not sure why I added them habit I guess.Shanx: I am not a big fan of CCleaner because: 1) I can clean temp files myself with the above script. 2) My browser manages the size of it's own cache. 3) I NEVER mess with the registry when I don't have to. Cleaning / Optimizing your registry, in my opinion is an extremely high risk with relatively low reward action. 4) I can't really think of anything else I would need to really clean up. Something like removing log files or Windows Update temp files, I don't do anyway since they don't take up much space.Additionally, I don't see how using simple native OS functions is a piecemeal hack. I respect your opinion to each their own.Reply
24-09-2013, 23:03:39
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